Rue des Rosniers, Paris : Ground series

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Passers-by create patterns of movement, light and shadow across a fixed camera frame and a bird’s eye view from the fourth floor appartment.

Rue des Rosniers Paris: Ground series

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This photo shows the camera set up for street level views with a low tripod (about 25 cm). The camera is  Canon 7D SLR photo/video camera. In Paris, I concentrated on Rue des Rosniers in Marais district  because it is a walking street and I rented an apartment above the street. 

Castell de Montjuic Barcelona

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La Pederera Barcelona

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Casa Battlo Barcelona

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Casa Battlo vortex ceiling sketch using charcoal

Casa Battlo, Barcelona

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A home renovation (1904-06) by Antoni Gaudi inspired by the shapes and forces of nature.

The disc-shaped, ceiling light in the main drawing room is set in a plaster spiral, evoking a  vortex, a wave, or water going down the plug hole… turning the natural world on its head, by inverting it above the viewer’s head… maybe it reflects the eye of the storm…

La Pedrera Barcelona

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La Pedrera Barcelona sketch using Find Edges

La Pedrera, Barcelona

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Antoni Gaudi’s La Pedrera is a fantasy apartment block  constructed from 1906 – 1910 using advanced physics and landscape architecture design. Pedrera means ‘stone quarry’ in Catalan. His curved walls and wrought iron balconies are based on the motion of waves. He build his designs, then hung them above a mirror to test the inversion. This is a view from the roof top over Barcelona.

The Peak, Hong Kong

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View from the Peak watched over by a lion with an immovable ball in its mouth

Europe Trip Winter 2009-2010

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Umbrella di Firenze 2009 Photo: Julia Featherstone

090709 Umbrella di Firenze

Transfiguring Europe explores skeletal structure of urban landscapes and our obsession with recording photos, video, mobile images at historic sites, where the recording, producing, transmitting, sharing  data, is more significant than reality itself.  Memory. Mythology. Uncovered. Vulnerable. Naked. Into the Void. Bare  Bones. Skeleton. Media.

Raphael: The Transfiguration  1518-20, Rome

Picasso:  Guernica 1937, Spain

Brunelleschi:  Duomo, Florence